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Defence Research Centre

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Need for its Establishment:
Considering the reforms having been introduced and the intended changes by the Ministry of Education we find necessary to establish the Centre to promote the training, retraining and further education of the personnel working in the administration, armed services and law enforcement organisations and to help their participation in special tenders (Research and Development), and taking part in NATO and UN projects.
The place of the Centre within the University:
The Centre was established inside the Faculty of Adult Education and Human Resources – University of Pécs, using the University’s infrastructure. External sponsors are also taking part in establishing and the further maintenance of the Centre. The members of the Centre come from the full-time and part-time members of the Faculty, commissioned external members and honorary members.
The mission of the Centre:
The Defence Research Centre would promote the academic support of researches in the field of defence and security industry, and the non-military application of the results of the defence and security research and development first of all in the area of training, education and research. One of the most important aims is to introduce the results and accelerate the spreading of developed technologies of the military sphere into civilian life.
Further aims:
1. Production and application of defence and security research-developmental and technological innovative results, helping the development of Hungarian economics, taking part in the international division of labour.
2. Promoting the civilian application of the results of the defence and security research-development.
3. Joining other research and development activities (especially NATO and EU).
4. Realisation of the monetary interest of the research and training facilities creating new knowledge and technology.
5. Taking part in tenders.
6. Harmonising, launching and participating in projects.
7. Analysing the results of defence and security programmes and topics. (First of all their application in the civilian sphere).
8. Communicating with ministries, scientific institutions, research centres, etc.
9. Organising studies, conferences and trainings related to migration.
10. Organising re- and further training courses.
11. Organising specialisation courses.
12. Establishing connection with Hungarian and foreign educational (military and civilian) institutions, student and lecturer exchange, publishing.


Besides education the research centre assumes the task of enhancing the social reputation of the Faculty.

- Col. István Kobolka Ph.D., Associate Professor

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