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Extended registration period for ESRALE conference day

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Extended registration period for the

International Conference on

Adult Learning and Education in the Context of Cultural, Professional and Community Development

 - Problems of Theory, Concept and Practice -
19th July 2016
Faculty of Cultural Science, Education and Regional Development University of Pécs, Hungary




For academics, researchers, prominent practitioners and PhD students in the field of adult learning and education and related fields


Orientation of the Conference:

In the year of 2000, the Helsinki Conference on adult education was dedicated to Adult Education and Culture Working Together.

In the Lisbon Decade, lifelong learning was understood to provide a balanced approach to teaching and learning for a knowledge-based economy and society to give way to the improvement of both active citizenship and employability.

Even though the end of the same decade with its economic and financial crisis made active citizenship to fade away and employability to dominate the discourse around adult learning, but towards 2020, we hope that this conference will demonstrate in what ways culture may help to recognise that learning is for life and not just for jobs.


Participants of the conference are invited to reflect on themes like:

  • Adult Learning and the Cultural Context;
  • Learning Communities and Community Learning;
  • Citizenship, Active Citizenship and Responsibility;
  • Participation and Performance in Adult Learning;
  • Teaching and Learning with Adults: the Social Dimension. Matters of Quality and Professionalism


Students of master and doctoral studies will find detailed information about the Summer Academy 2016 later.

Complete application  has to be submitted no later than 15th June 2016


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All questions which refer to Summer Academy 2016 can be sent to

Feedback related to participation in the Academy will be sent to applicants no later than  17th June 2016.

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