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Pécs is the fifth largest town in Hungary with a population of about 150,000. It lies in the South-East of Transdanubia at the south side of Mecsek Hills. Pécs is the seat of Baranya County, which covers an area of 4500 km2 and has a population of 400,000.


Source: Pécsbook (Facebook)

Source: Pécsbook (Facebook)


Besides its outstanding regional role, the town is also the gateway of Hungary to Croatia, the Balkans and the North-Italian region. The vicinity of the Adriatic Sea, the town’s Mediterranean-type climate, the picturesque streets of its historical centre and the teeming summer evenings all evoke the atmosphere of the Mediterranean countries.

Pécs has been an educational front for centuries. It is also a centre for higher education and scientific research. In addition to the university departments, there are three independent research institutes in the town: the Regional Research Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Research Institute of Viticulture and the Experimental Institute of Dairy Farming.

The research institutes, the scientific events, and international conferences held here also contribute to the reputation of the town. The development of R&D capacities and the industrial application of research findings may open up new opportunities for international co-operation.


The town may be 2000 years old, but the 25,000 students who live here, find it a pleasant place to live in. The high level of education that characterises the population is an important asset for economic development: 40% of the population over the age of 18 has at least secondary school education and 15% of the population over 25 years of age has college or university degrees. The number of people speaking foreign languages in Pécs is double the national average.



Source: Pécsbook (Facebook)

Source: Pécsbook (Facebook)



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