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Short Term Educational Programs

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Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Education and Regional Development is permanently improving and developing its educational programs that meet the needs of students and the social and economic challenges. Since 2013 our faculty is organizing short term educational programs in English, German and Russian language based on the formal educational programs and the competencies of our colleagues.


Most of these 30, 60, 90-hour short term programs are based on our knowledge, experience and competencies, although with the scientific background of the University of Pécs we could also reflect any need and we could flexibly organize short term training or postgraduate programs.



Students of these programs receive a certificate of the University of Pécs, Hungary. Beside the theoretical framework field trips and institutional visits could be also parts of these programs where students could get to know the practice and have the possibility to meet with experts on the given, specific fields. The main topics of our short term programs are the next:


  • Human resources management
  • Public relations
  • Organizational culture
  • Cultural marketing, cultural management
  • Governance administration
  • Governance communication
  • Leadership and management in public sector
  • Renewable energy – project management
  • Environment protection
  • Regional development
  • Urban development
  • Water management
  • Wine tourism and wine gastronomy
  • Rural development
  • Food industry
  • Educational strategic planning
  • Human resources counselling
  • Adult education


University of Pécs will celebrate the 650th anniversary of its foundation in 2017. It is worth to study in the University of Pécs, it is worth to study at our Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Education and Regional Development. Experience our educational programs, discover Hungary, and learn the unique spirit and European traditions of the first university of Hungary! If you would like to get more information about our educational programs, do not hesitate to contact us!



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