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Summer University 2018 at the University of Opole

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The University of Opole invites the students to participate the Summer University 2018. This year we have developed a programme that offers even greater freedom and flexibility in pursuing ambitions and interest of each and every participant who will have a unique chance to broaden their knowledge, improve communication skills and enjoy summertime in the exciting and well-situated place.

Our programme covers more than 80 hours of classes, workshops and activities. All in-class activities are divided into two major parts. The core module (Practical English with elements of academic English - 30 h) is the same for all participants and will develop their speaking and listening skills in the academic environment. The second part includes special purpose modules where students can learn English within the context and in the atmosphere that suit their respective study profiles or personal interests.  Elective courses (24 h) include:


  • Academic English
  • Intercultural competence & communication
  • Legal, administrative and organisational profile
  • Social science profile
  • English in science profile
  • Art and literature profile
  • Art projects
  • Introduction to the Polish language and culture


Additionally, each participant will be able to join afternoon and weekend activities (26 h).


The fee for the Summer School is 539 Euro EUR and covers the 80 hour course, accommodation at the dormitory, a two day trip to Polish historical capital city - Cracow, and after class activities. The deadline for application is April 15.


This year, we offer additionally:

  • A trip to Central European capitals (approx. 200 EUR)
  • Creative Week in Trier and Luxembourg (250 EUR)



Attached you can find the preliminary schedule and a poster. If possible, we would appreciate uploading the materials to your university’s social media or website, or passing on the link to our group on Facebook:




We will be absolutely thrilled to host you and add even more diversity and talent to our international community of students. You can also reach us at our website or have students talk to our consultants regarding practicalities of coming to and living in Poland: hello.uni.opole.pl/summer


You shall not pass!