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Szekszárd with its population of 36000 nowadays draws a picture of familiar atmosphere and modern town. The county town of Tolna county lies at the meeting point of Great Plain and Transdanubian Hill. The town kept growing in the valley of Remete patak (Séd patak) in the lap of hills of Szekszárd and the Great Plain. The town is bordered by Sió canal from the north. Szekszárd can be reached on highway 6, which is between Budapest and Pécs or road 56 coming from Baja. The road 63 to Székesfehérvár or the road 65 to Siófok also can be reach from highway 6. By rail you can travel to the county town on Budapest-Pécs railway line. Szekszárd is 144 km from the capital. The Great Plain is connected with the gently slooping Mezőföld and Transdanubian Hills by Sárköz and Gemenc which is a favourite trekking spot of locals. Szekszárd has a good reputation for viticulture which praises the wiseness and competence for locals.




Szekszárd is traditionally a market town. The agriculture - mainly the viticulture- pushing the natural vegetation making Szekszárd region a well-known wine-country. New branches - beside food industry -the artificial leather industry, the precision engineering, engine production have appeared since 1960. Nowadays the commercial and catering trade develop. The traditional crafts are handed down by small-scale enterprises. The large enterprises are helped by external capital.


Alisca Wine Days and Enterprise Developing Professional Days have important part in tourism and economy. The cultural life of Szekszárd is enriched by programs connected to wine and whit attracting thousands of visitors, like Danube Region Festival. The Gemenc Cup International Bicycle Race and Sió Cup are important sports programs.


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