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VINCE Project

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Validation for Inclusion of New Citizens of Europe

In the framwork of ERASMUS+ program eucen (the European Universities Continuing Network) ( has started to co-ordinate this international research project to foster integration of new European citizens by enabling qualified individuals to enter higher education. The Faculty of Culture, Education and Regional Development (CERD) of the University of Pécs is one of the partner institutions involved.

Contracting Organisation 

EU (Erasmus+)  


12/2016 to 12/2019  



Project Coordination  

EUCEN (European University Continuing Education Network) 

Project number


Project Partners

13 partners

On behalf of CERD UP

Balázs NÉMETH, Dr. habil. project management


Inez Zsófia KOLLER, Dr. Ph.D. project research


Réka VONYÓ technical and administrative support


Newcomers’ (immigrants and refugees) knowledge, skills and comptences are difficult to get recognised in host societies. Validation of peer learning varies by countries and mostly requires documentation-based proof. VINCE aims to develop an internationally harmonised university staff training package in validation, adapting existing proven validation methods to meet the specific needs of newcomers in order to gain real access to higher ecudation and this way a grounded path to integrate into European societies.

CERD team contributes to this project through the mapping of Hungarian university validation systems, organising national and local level workshops and trainings on validation in co-operation with the House of Civil Societies (the umbrella institution of local NGOs of Pécs) , preparing guidelines on validation for Hungarian higher education institutions, translating EU level guidelines, participating in transnational trainings on validation for higher education employees, translating the training materials to Hungarian, collecting and channelling policy recommendations on validation, and participating in dissemination and exploitation of project materials.








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