Philosophy PHD program of the University Pécs, Hungary


Philosophy PhD School

Director: Professor Dr. János Boros

Administration: Alexandra Haffner-Kiss
Cím: 7100 Szekszárd, Rákóczi u. 1. / 7633 Pécs, Szántó K. J. u. 1.B.
Telefon: +36-74/582-300/1111



Application fee: 30 euro

Deadline: 8. February 2024.



Documents: CV, University diploma - College certificate, Research interest, certificate of paying the fee.


Conditions of Acceptance

Submission of all required documents.

Admission interview end of 18th January 2024

The doctoral program is eight (8) semesters. After 4 semesters there is a complex exam of the research topic and of the development of the work.

There is a semester fee determined by the law. It is the 4,5 times of the public servant's allowance base.


Doctoral research and PhD thesis can be made in Hungarian (H), in English (E), in German (G) and in French (F) Languages.  See the possibility of languages below.


Research areas

1.      Contemporary Philosophy, Epistemology, Ethics (János Boros) H, E, G, F

2.      Philosophy of Law (György Andrássy) H, E

3.      Philosophy of Education (Nagy Janka Teodóra), H,

4.      Neurophilosophy (Attila Sík) H, E

5.      Philosophy of Culture, Philosophy of Language and Communication (Gábor Szécsi) H, E, G

6.      Philosophy of Art, Philosophy of  the Law of the Art (Miklós Kocsis) H, E

7.      Philosophy of Economics (Zsolt Nemeskéri) H, E

8.      Philosophy of Education (Imre Bús) H, E

9.      Philosophy of Literature, Deconstruction (Jolán Orbán), H, E, G, F

10.  Philosophy of  Psychology and Behavior (Árpád Csathó) H, E

11.  Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Interpretation (Tibor Szolcsányi) H, E

12.  Metaphysics (László Kocsis) H, E

13.  Analytic Philosophy of Language (Krisztián Pete) H, EPhilosophy of Science (Ádám Tuboly), H, E

14.  Aesthetics (Dóra Rippl), H, E