Further to accommodation in Pécs, incoming students have two basic options. They may stay in a dormitory or seek for alternative accommodation.


Stay in a Dormitory

The University of Pécs has ten dormitories. They are located in quiet, residential areas of the city. The Faculties of the University as well as the city centre are easily accessible from the dormitories. Most of the dormitories have recently been renovated. The rooms are nicely furnished and contain bathrooms. Bedclothes are supplied. Rooms are offered on a reasonable price level.

Dormitory Fee per month
Szántó Dormitory wing A and C 47 000 HUF
Szántó Dormitory wing D 40 500 HUF
Boszorkány Dormitory 43 500 HUF
Damjanich Dormitory 52 000 HUF
Balassa Dormitory 40 500 HUF


  • internet access per room
  • study room
  • lounge
  • gym
  • bike storage
  • parking slots
  • cafeteria
  • student club

Dormitories of the University of Pécs available for international students:

If you applied for dormitory and got accepted, you can move in to the appointed dormitory right after your arrival. 

More information: Housing (


Rented Accomodation

For incoming students who require superior quality accommodation, rented flats are an alternative. Renting a flat can provide students with the peace, comfort and privacy they require.

How do I start looking for a place to rent?

The monthly rental price of a two-room apartment might cost between 80.000 to 200.000 HUF (250-620 EUR);
The surroundings, the distance from the university and the facility might affect this price.
Please note that utility bills and property management fee are not included in the rental fee.
Always take into consideration that you might need to sign up for an Internet connection at a local communication service provider and bear its expenses.
To pay a deposit is always required by the accommodation provider, which usually is equal to 1 or 2 monthly fee. This has to be paid in advance before moving in, and it is released after moving out from the apartment

Please note that you might need to use public transportation to reach your destination comfortably.

Usually the Real Estate Agencies offer English service. Below, you can find links to those service providers which operate in Pécs:

The Student Housing is the official partner of the University of Pécs' Medical School. They offer the following services:

  • houses, apartments and flats for rent
  • roommate search
  • apartment listings can be viewed at
  • their website is updated daily!
  • they make appointments with the landlords
  • they take you out by car to view apartments
  • they give you a rental contract

Choose your favourite apartments on their website, write them an email and leave the rest to them!

How do I proof my accommodation at the immigration office?

In order to obtain the residence permit, you will need to present a valid rental contract signed by the accommodation provider. This includes the address, the monthly expenses, terms and conditions (period of renting). Please note that each and every owner of the property has to sign this contract, therefore it is suggested that you check the relevant names indicated on the property deed (a landholding document).

The language of public administration is Hungarian, as a result, it is not obligatory to submit the contract in English. For the sake of your own protection, it is highly recommended to have the contract translated to English as well.

Important to note: the contract to be signed has to meet the requirements of the immigration office of Hungary (Bevándorlási Hivatal or BÁH), as it would otherwise not be acceptable.

You will also have to present the following documents:

  • official copy of the property deed (földtulajdoni lap) issued by the Hungarian Land Administration Office (Földhivatal)
  • utility fees ruled (electricity, gas, water)
  • form of residential address registration (szállásbejelentő lap)
  • private documents (passport, Letter of Award, Decision of Admission)
  • proof of health insurance
  • An administrative fee also has to be paid to initiate the renting process.

More information and contact: Housing (