Rules for thesis and finam exam

Dear Graduate Students!


I would like to inform you that in accordance with § 59 (8) of the PTE Academic and Examination Regulations, in the spring semester of the academic year 2022/23 you have to upload your thesis/dissertation electronically to the Neptun study system and submit it to the Neptun study system in accordance with the academic term 53/2020. (11.02.) to the secretaries of the institute (can be sent by post to PTE KPVK 7100 Szekszárd, Rákóczi utca 1.).

Deadline: 24th of November 2023

The thesis has to be uploaded on Neptun, under Studies/Degree Thesis, Thesis application/Thesis upload.

A plagiarism statement, a consultee statement and a statement of use must be uploaded as part of the thesis and submitted with the printed example. Forms: Forms | University of Pécs (

It is possible to hand in a thesis/dissertation late. According to § 59 (10) of the TVSZ, it can only be accepted with the permission of the supervisor and only if the delay does not exceed 1 week. In the case of late submission, the late fee set out in the Fees and Benefits Regulations (1500.- HUF/day) shall be payable.

The application must be submitted to the thesis supervisor 5 working days before the thesis deadline.


You can apply for the final exam by filling in the appropriate form. The completed and signed form should be sent to (Pécs).

Deadline: 24th of November 2023

Please note that only students who have obtained their final certificate (absolute diploma) at the University may take the final examination.


Important files: